Tuesday, December 6, 2011

i wish, i'm the reason for your smile.


as time being, i'm working part time at my father's office. due to lack of money, i need and have to work in order to cover my heavy expenses. :S

i knew i rarely update this blog, but it doesnt meant my sense in blogging had reduced. it just because some matters came up make me have to take other things as priority. currently i active in twitter. dont blame me for not updating this blog as twitter seduced me to share all my thoughts there. plus, i had less lesser and lesses opinion about anything at all.

lately, i became kind of demotivated. feel lazy doing everything, came work late which is seriously not me. haish. holiday sickness maybe? :/

till then. tc darlas ;)

thanks for reading ;)

1 comment:

pinkiss said...

kadang² memang pala otak ni mcm blank tak reti nak tulis apa. oh, akak pun aktif twitter juga.