Wednesday, June 10, 2015

a new chapter of life ❤️

its been ages since my last update. my last post since i'm on hiatus was in 2011 . lol. after 4 years, i start to write again. and this time i have a massive project. *drumrolls*  i'm getting married in 5 months plus minus.  alhamdulillah we had face the first 2 phase of adat, risik & tunang. so here a bit  of update of my risik & engagement. 14th dec, risik. only between our parents & his uncle & spouse. hantar cincin tanda, sepasang kain & chocolate as gift . a very closed event which held secretly and only known among our family members. 21/2, my engagement. a small event, very simple yet very meaningful for me & my fiance. here a few pictures during both events.


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